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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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, hundreds of women signed once-in-a-lifetime fight one change the best fly overhead. or not prod of the cracked concrete it is a gold mine how you can make hundreds
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of dollars renting out your driveway this weekend hundreds of bay area women dive into a grueling athletic competition for good cause one leg of the charity triathlon presents participants with a dirty dilemma and morning juliette goodrich with more. more than 700 women and expect to participate in the see jane run triathlon. this video posted on youtube shows last year's event with rates stay this saturday there are concerns about the water quality with posted caution signs about elevated bacteria levels. every summer a gets warm and never heard of anyone getting sick swimmers are warned not to swallow and the lake water once out of the water showered and
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tower dry thoroughly. we look at the postings on- line in july and water tests found bacteria exceeding health standards but not enough to close the lake since then levels have dropped but more tests were taken today it for e. coli as a precaution results released tomorrow before race day. shadow cliffs is still open and race is still on athletes have a choice taken to the triathlon or skip this one in part an odd 48 dual escalon they have risher does the water safety and water level was saved every year it has been find the quality has been a level where they can swim safely according to the east bay park district increased bacteria levels may be due to vegetation
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d k similar test readings in similar years and same warnings issued and during they posed it and i've had triathlons change when there's been a problem and nothing that has concerned me about shadow cliffs in 30 years i've never gotten bad court said from the lake as it stands water samples are tested for bacteria levels east bay park officials will release the levels to cbs 5 tomorrow that spent the rest to go on as a precautionary measure, they will give other to swimmers when they go into the water cannot drink the water and when they get out rinse and dry thoroughly juliette goodrich cbs 5 a terrible accident, while women can buy an s u v win it went out of control and slammed into a restaurant hospitalize tonight with major injuries the crash took place at 5:00 p.m. at
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fourth street downtown san rafael. the s u v jumped a sidewalk crashed into lindi's rest run a 78 year-old woman was hit and pushed into the restaurant and trapped under the vehicle she was taken to marin general hospital in. the street was closed to traffic except for vendors the driver was there for the farmer's market the restaurant was closed, no one was inside except for one person cleaning she was not hurt neither was at the driver the driver was questioned and released police to not believe drugs or alcohol involved in less than 12 hours shall see the space shuttle endeavor in the bay area the shuttle landed at edwards air force base today tomorrow morning it takes one last flight around northern california before going to was permanent home in los
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angeles shuttle has ever been to northern california before the shuttle piggybacked on a modified boeing 747 when is the best time and place to see the flyover paul deanno breaks it down we are likely to see it because of the change they are delaying the flight one hour to allow the fog and cloud cover to burn off. here it is what to expect, it will be a beautiful shot a fly over in sacramento about 930 and then will passed over the showboat science center, then it does a couple of loops passes low over the golden gate bridge then south down the peninsula and over san jose and then on to monterey bay aquarium, on future cast the computer forecast
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predicts there will be low cloud cover out there tomorrow morning, it looks like the cloud cover and rolls off between eight and 10 a m things have been delayed to 930 a and that increases the likelihood of sing it to 80 percent with a much better chance of have excellent viewing conditions during a talk to some folks at the golden gate bridge there are excited i cannot imagine what would be better than golden gate bridge i ready to see it i expect a lot of people to be accurate tomorrow morning it all happens once, this is the best place to watch it fly over it is the golden gate nothing better than the golden gate 122 million was a flight time and live coverage of the flyover on cbs 5 and go to
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cbs s f dot com/shuttle. what would you be willing to do and to get a new i phone what about urban camping? the scene outside apple store at union square, the phone does not go on sale until 8:00 a.m., but a few dozen people are camped out the i phone 5, set new records for advance sales topping 2,000,003 orders, some analysts think apple could sell 10 million phones by monday. from the noise that keeps them up at night to the filth one bay area a neighborhood has had with local college crowd. the perpetual partyers tells cbs 5 len ramirez police are given them pass this video shows the off-
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campus party scene around san clara university, the neighbors close to campus show the aftermath gail korbel's describes the arrest you see kids urinating all over your neighbors' houses there is common and trash and liquor bottles, it is a problem neighbors close to santa clara campus of all is said to deal with the occasional party but now said the parties our super sized louder and more often. john joseph got a police log of all the times cops have been called to the student rental home by his house it sounds like you're at a football game were in college and want to party many students it met parties are getting out of control the night like riots, people
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were attacking cars coming down the street which is not what santa clara and our parties in wants to portray neighbors accused the police of being too soft. there are rests for being drunk in public and citations there is a mix of enforcement and is it enough? would we be treated differently if for nine university students, absolutely, we are getting patted a little bet the we deserve it i don't know, it helps. len ramirez cbs 5 breaking news in san francisco an angry mob gathers at site of a police station the protest over an officer involved shooting of a suspected gang member earlier tonight someone salinize vandalized a station ad
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spray-painted. two officers confronted the suspects one pulled a gun and pointed it at the officer that is when the officer opened fire the suspect was wounded but expected to survive. the most talked-about video of the campaign the bay area and editor of mother jones gives us the back story how they got their hands on one of the biggest groups of the election. not using your driveway don't let it go to waste you can turn it into a gold mine. my count barely had any money and get overdraft fees ordering pizza coming back to haunt them and they're getting
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it turned out 47 mcbee mitt romney's lucky number he has pulled even with president obama in the gallup daily poll they are tied at 47 percent appease both candidates spent
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the day skipping the tipping the scales in florida. mr. obama was pressed on his failure to push through immigration reform. a promise is a promise and with all due respect you did not keep the promise. here is what i would say, with have this conversation before there is the thinking the president is somebody all- powerful and can't get everything done you cannot change washington from the inside economic changes from the outside mitt romney saw an opening and he pounced i will change washington and will get the job done from the inside republicans and democrats will come to gather he cannot do it his slogan was yes weekend
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his slogan now is " now i can't " coming up next on romney's agenda another withdraw from the bay area machine he'll say $50,000 a plate fund-raiser in hillsboro tomorrow night he'll be and san francisco again october 8th mitt romney trying to turn things around after the 47%, and, if it started with the magazine elizabeth cook as the back story without " mother jones " got the scoop and average stay the mother jones website gets 150,000 views, after the video hits jump to 2 million i spoke to the editor how they got their hands on the video. allows since i sprinted through the news room but there was the " broadcast news " moment we were running around to various computers make sure
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things were coming together the coke editor of the magazine had been sitting on the story for weeks we negotiated the and exclusivity of that and make sure we were comfortable with the sores and he was comfortable with us they're going to wait until tuesday to release the video but pressure from competitors put the pressure in overdrive when you there was potential for people to think something had been edited it basically blew up as soon as the put it out there. founded under a freeway in san francisco 36 years ago mother jones has a rich history of investigative journalism we've uncovered other big stories the magazine and after a big union organizer mary harris also
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known as mother jones with never experienced this kind of attention she insist they don't favor political parties we are journalist and if we had something this explosive about president obama, no problem running that we would have changed the story just as hard. donations to mother jones are way up someone dropped off a check for a couple hundred dollars at the washington d.c. office elizabeth cook cbs 5 if you have a drive where you could be sitting on a gold mine and news service lets you rent out your unused parking space reporter kids don't shows as you can make hundreds of dollars a weekend. parking during major san francisco of bands like outside lands can be a pain but a local
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company is turning that into cash to rent out your driveway. the school is so close to golden gate park the can hear bands blight but the drive way since empty on nights and weekends that listed there spot on part please dot com and online sellers can set their prices at $74 a spot the school may $300 and. to make money on something that was not use before it was basically like somebody and is a check for doing nothing charlie and to now launch the site last month during the concert series they placed 1000 cars on private drive was the charts and average $50 a day there is quality control at offers guaranteed and tax on a 10-20% surcharge 30% of the traffic cruising
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around san francisco's streets are people looking for parking the city says the faster they confined to spot a win-win for everyone the mta will soon promote the system until deal with a crushed for fleet week and america's cup. these advanced together will draw about 60,000 people a day to the bay area and the marine them and there's virtually no parking it is crowd sourcing a major problem raising money by reducing headaches kiet do cbs 5 if you ordered pizza since january you might want to double check your bank account it is costing people hundreds of dollars julie watts 6 plans a simple order got mixed up. a great deal for your money
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eric to make became a big fan of the little caesars until serialized at it cost her and costar began ultimately $142 and an expense of pizza and expand she did not count on all of a sudden overdraft fees these are one of too little caesar's that did not processed transactions up to nine months when the franchise owner finally realized that he pushed through a all the charges at once resulted in overcharges and bounced checks and angry comments on on the franchise owner did not respond to our request for comment but he apologized for the inconvenience as we laugh the other victim approached us she was forced to close her credit card what she thought were fraudulent charges. all charges it from here and as far as i know my card had
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been charged a common misconception adding to the confusion what they saw a was likely the authorization not the actual charge their rapid to pay for the pizza they cannot believe the did not get the courtesy of a warning i cannot afford $140 in the negative and all it wants according to the said businesses have three days to process the transaction the first time they violate that they get a warning to can dispute the charges because little caesars violated policy the banks are reversing the charges and erica',,,,,,,,,,,,
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thursday night we turn the corner weather wise warming up tomorrow the temperatures now generally in the '50s 57 at oakland, santa rosa 54 san jose 58, what to expect over 24 hours, it lets them away from
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us. the low pressure moves out. will come right back and,,,,
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welcome back, low pressure left in up to the north warmer weather on the way the onshore flow is there but not as strong. sunshine earlier tomorrow and our warmer tomorrow friday the warmest day of the week. if you're picking a date to go outside saturday the warmer choice for tomorrow friday concord 85, san jose and 84, fremont 73, low to mid '80s walnut creek and pleasant hill. beautiful day in petaluma san francisco 66. weekend of scud warmer on saturday. the time for sports a star brett anderson will miss the remainder of the season.
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he suffered yesterday in detroit the a's are down 2-1 in the theft and then upset some at home run no. 14 the game is tied. this grimmer to center field austin jackson had no idea that is ruled a triple the a's win 12-for their lead in the wild card for games. alex smith prevailed the league will wear him $15,000 bruce bochy showed his support for the 49ers quarterback. in the fourth, at three run hit jack and the first time he's done yard from both sides of the plate barry zito wins his fed straight decision giants win 9- till cal plays u.s. c and lane kiffin sets the record for the fastest news conference when
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asked about an injury will get back on track which bet that happens saturday i don't know. you mentioned how t.j. was plying i got to go. p why use rally nelson picked off and takes it to the house boise state wins 7-6 get rid of the blue field. the cameraman takes a beating i'm sure his boss said as long as the lens is ok. he lays it out the cards win 5- 4, the washington nationals beat the dodgers to 9 and clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 1933 the washington senators than
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who worked hoover was
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